Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the International Journal of Molecular and Physical Gastronomy

02 octobre 2022

Rédaction: H. This

The International Journal of Molecular and Physical Gastronomy is run by an editorial board.

The Editorial Board

Here, we give the list of the members of the Editorial Board by alphabetical. For each, you can click and the name and access to the full page.

Many of the Members of the Editorial Board were authors of the Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy (CRC Press).

To access the cv of the members of the board, clink on the name :

Roisin Burke, TU Dublin, Ireland

Peter Barham, Bristol University, UK

Davide Cassi, Parma, Italy

Clark A Danderson, Auburn, Alabama (USA)

Laura Febvay, Aerial, France

Alan Kelly, Cork University, Ireland

Anna Kharlamova, Russia

Christophe Lavelle, MNHN, Paris, France

Erik van der Linden, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Linda Luck, State University of New York at Plattsburgh

Barbara Rega, AgroParisTech, Paris, France

Weon-Sun Shin, Seoul University, Korea

Rohit Srivastava, India

Hervé This vo Kientza, INRAE/AgroParisTech International Centre for Molecular and Physical Gastronomy, Paris, France.

Mark Traynor, Auburn University, Alabama, USA

Juan Valverde, TEAGASC, Dublin, Ireland

Thomas Vilgis, Max Planck Institute, Mainz, Germany


The Editorial Board is run by a group of "Secretaries of the Board", made of:
Hervé This vo Kientza
Roisin Burke  : organization of the meetings of the board (meetings, agenda, link for discussion)

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