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Activities in Ireland

Here is the list of past activities in Molecular and Physical Gastronomy in Ireland

6 March  2024:
Students working in TU Dublin prepare Heston Blumenthal's recipe for chocolate wine in the centrifuge.


21 February 2024:
The students from the Erasmus Mundus Plus Master Program "Food Innovation and Product Design" during a practical session of the Molecular Gastronomy Module, for Master 1.
This takes place in Dublin, under the supervision of the Professor Roisin Burke. The students explore culinary precisions.

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21 November 2022 : 
Roisin Burke, Pauline Danaher and Maria  Penehut (FIPDes cohort 11, currently in University of Naples for M2) presented a poster on 3D printing and note by note cooking at  EFFoST.

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