The International Workshops on Molecular Gastronomy

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The International Workshops on Molecular Gastronomy

The International Workshops on Molecular Gastronomy are organized since 1992. They contribute to the development of molecular, physical and biological gastronomy in the world.

These workshops are opportunities for the scientists working in molecular gastronomy to exchange about their works. They take place every year, in Paris.
They began in Erice (Sicily), and the two directors were Nicholas Kurti and Hervé This. Guests directors were invited.
The first workshop took place in 1992. And then there were some in 1995, 1998, 2001. After the death of Nicholas Kurti they were organized by Hervé This in Paris.

13. The next workshop will take place the in May 16-17th, 2024, and the topic will be "Consistencies and textures".  Save the date !

12. The last one took place the 11-12 of May 2023. Topic : Flavour through cooking

And the next one will be focused on "Consistencies and textures".

The list of the past workshops:

11 : Scales. Describing  and analyzing food and culinary transformations at various scales (from  molecular to macroscopic), building food at  all scales

10 : Suspensions (liquid suspensions, solid suspensions, complex suspensions)

9 Flavour through cooking

8 Open questions in MG

7 Thermal treatment of plant tissues

6 Interaction of food and liquids

5  Textures of food : how to create them




  1. Molecular and Physical Gastronomy

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