3.1. Research Papers

3.1. Research Papers in Education/Communication

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Research Papers in Education/Communication Manuscripts submitted in this part should have pedagogical content and educational relevance and insight that demonstrate an impact on teaching and learning while articulating audience level, use with students, and details for adopting and adapting the material, if applicable. The work should show a connection to relevant educational contexts, such as curricula and knowledge and skills mapping, coursework, public communication, public understanding etc. Relevant arenas in focus include formal education (schools, universities, technical units etc.) as well as non-formal education (museums, exhibitions, forums, etc.), of various age groups, from pre-school to tertiary education and life-long learning, also including in-service education and learning. Multiple perspectives on education are possible, such as art, history, anthropology, social sciences, education, educational philosophy/theory, educational systems and policy, teaching/learning practices, methods-outcomes and impacts, learners’ and/or educators’ engagement and attitudes, assessment, educational technologies etc., as molecular and physical gastronomy is concerned. Manuscripts are also accepted on topics related to molecular and physical gastronomy and communication, such as (but not restricted to): • communication, collaboration and knowledge transfer between fields of practice and actors therein • history of communication • communication-oriented literary/linguistic aspects • journalism and media • public engagement/understanding/perception • discourse/debates/controversies (public or otherwise) • education and learning in non-formal contexts (museums, exhibitions etc.), • medialisation and mediating tools • publication and social media • molecular and physical gastronomy in the public sphere • discussions of proto-science/anti-science/para-science • popularisation • policy and politics

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